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Mirrors are an easy way to upgrade any room in your home or business. They add depth and reflect light, making spaces appear larger, brighter, and more open. Mirrtique Inc Custom Frameless Shower Doors, Mirrors and Glass specializes in mirror installation in the Palm Beach area. Check out all the ways we can add unique beauty to your space!

• Mirrors
• Custom mirrors
• Mirror installation
• Mirror removal
• Mirror replacement
• Vanity mirrors
• Wall mirrors
• Mirrored walls
• Bathroom mirrors
• Beveled mirrors
• Antique mirrors
• Equestrian mirrors
• Dressage mirrors
• Arena mirrors
• Gym mirror
• Studio mirrors
• Closet doors
• And More...

• Mirrored Walls—Mirrored walls are especially popular in rooms where you spend much of your time or where you entertain guests, like living rooms, family rooms, and dining areas. They instantly make your space feel larger!

• Vanity Mirrors—A vanity mirror is a staple for your bathroom. Make the space uniquely yours with one of our custom designs, installed to your specifications!

• Wet Bars—Wet bar mirrors come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Whether you're looking for one large, horizontal mirror behind your bar area, or you're aching for a more modern look with multiple vertical mirrors arranged in your game room/bar area, Mirrtique Inc Custom Frameless Shower Doors, Mirrors and Glass is ready to upgrade your space!

• Studio Mirrors—Get practical and beautiful mirrors for your dance studio or fitness center with our mirror installation service.

• Beveled Mirrors—You'll really love the look of our beveled mirrors. They add an extra dimension of design. Beveled mirrors often need no frame to complete their look because their unique design gives the look of a frame right on the mirror. These stunning pieces work well in any room for both function and style.

• Colored Mirrors—Colored mirrors have so much potential for creativity. These are great for guest spaces and rooms where you entertain. You can have one mirror hung, or have multiple colors arranged for a personalized style.

• Closet Doors—Vertical mirrors on closet doors not only offer the practicality of saving space over stand-alone bedroom mirrors, they improve the appearance of your bedroom with a sleek, modern look.

• Mirrored Furniture—Get sleek design and functionality with a variety of mirrored furniture, such as coffee tables, end tables, chests, cabinets, and headboards.

• Antique Mirrors—Our special antique mirrors are created through a handmade process that gives the look of age. They bring your home class and sophistication.

Aside from mirror installation, we also provide mirror replacement services to take down and replace your old mirror. Ask us for a free consultation today and get more information about our large variety of options!

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